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Little Wiwa - Coastal Seabreeze Large

Little Wiwa - Coastal Seabreeze Large

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Coastal x Seabreeze

A dream holiday with island charms; blue skies, breeze, beach, sand, ocean – all wrapped up into our latest collection to fulfil your coastal style wants and needs.


In its creamy neutral tones and flatweave-esque textural patterns, Coastal lends a touch of allure to a variety of design styles; from its muse – the modern coastal, to minimalist, Scandinavian, monochromatic, and beyond.

Featuring a classic diamond lattice pattern, Coastal has all the qualities of the beachy bohemian chic rug we are all after, while also effortlessly sprucing up a contemporary space with its minimalistic aesthetics. 


A rich union of oceanic blue and green shades, Seabreeze celebrates a marriage of coastal aesthetics and intricate patterns. 

Seabreeze encapsulates an eclectic beachy vibes through elaborate vintage floral motifs, with a distressed and faded touch that  resembles a textural and rustic rug to complements your space - be it modern, bohemian or one in need of an addition of exquisite rich textures.

Generös: 200cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 15mm thick (4.2kg)

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