As your baby transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage helps them to feel loved, respected and secure. Massage can also help with initial communication and understanding between child and parent as baby develops their first language: touch.


  • Promotion of parent-child bonding and secure attachment. This in turn facilitates their emotional and cognitive development (i.e. ability to learn)
  • Supports the stimulation of digestive and circulatory systems, reducing the discomfort of constipation and colic 
  • Relaxation - the combination of being in warm water along with massage promotes relaxation and supports the improvement of sleep patterns lead-ing to improved attention, working memory and emotional regulation in children


  • Reading and respecting cues - becoming acquainted with the behavioural states and cues of your baby
  • Providing quality bonding time for parent and baby via interaction, relaxation, observation and communication
  • Improved parenting skills leading to improved self-esteem and confidence and assist with post-natal depression 

We provide pure, high quality, unscented grape-seed oil for massage which is absorbed by and moisturises your baby’s skin.


The sensation of floating in warm water puts babies completely at ease and can promote a number of key benefits:

  • Muscular and skeletal strength is increased through the water’s gentle resistance.
  • Movement through the water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems, which can reduce meconium levels and lowers the risk of jaundice three or four days after birth.
  • Subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.
  • Regular visits can benefit the cardiovascular system.
  • Innate swimming reflexes are stimulated and co-ordination is developed as they learn to control their movements.


As an experienced child psychologist, I have no hesitation in recommending the Baby Spa Perth.

This innovative new business will provide opportunities that will promote infant development by strengthening the bond between parents and their baby.

This is especially important because psychologists now understand that the quality of this primary ‘attachment’ relationship will shape the child’s capac-ity to regulate its emotions and deal with stressful experiences later in life.

A secure attachment can provide safety and nurturing that allows the child to process challenging experiences effectively, and returns to a sense of safety and wellbeing without becoming dysregulated.

Holding and treating a baby in a tranquil environment, as well as encouraging activity such as floating movements, can also stimulate the growth of brain networks and promote all aspects of the baby’s physical, cognitive and social/emotional development.

Dr Carmela Pestell (Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist)

As a Child Health Nurse with 20 years’ experience in Paediatric and Neonatal nursing, I have no hesitation in recommending the Baby Spa experience for infants and their parents. 

Hydrotherapy and infant massage is well documented to assist in not only the behavioural state of an infant but also in the physiological parameters of blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels. Aquatic interventions also have therapeutic Neuromusculoskeletal benefits such as infants with Spina Bifida. This is quite evident when visiting Baby Spa Perth.

Prenatal exposure to maternal stress, anxiety and depression can have a lasting effect on an infant’s development with consequences for risk of psychopathology and can persist to adolescence and adulthood. The quality of interactions between mother and infants postnatal development can have a profound impact on development. 

Baby Spa Perth compliments the infant mother interaction reducing stressors which in response enhances the mother and baby bonding experience and will assist in infants reaching their respective developmental milestones.

Daniel Larranaga (Child Health Nurse, Clinical Nurse Educator WA)

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TESTIMONIALS - Baby Spa Perth Clients 

"We can't thank the exceptional staff at Baby Day Spa enough for the wonderful experience over the last couple of months. Levi attended the spa from 4 weeks old and absolutely loved every minute of his hydrotherapy and massages. It's such a stunning setting with a super relaxing environment. Thank you for treating Levi like a king, whilst building his strength and putting a big smile on his face every Saturday. I can't recommend this bonding experience enough and can't wait to return one day with baby number 2. 

Kate Twigley

We first took Austin to the babyspa when he was two weeks old. From the first session I could see how much he enjoyed being in the water. He never once cried during his 7 sessions and would always get excited when we arrived. I found Austin slept much better after a session and is now a very confident little baby in any water environment. Its also a great way to bond with your little one and pick up massage techniques to try at home. 

The staff were all so wonderful, calm and trusting with the babies and I would highly recommend the experience to any new mums. 

Rebecca Marsh

Just a little side note to tell you how thankful we are for BabySpa! Koa had colic & reflux & was extremely difficult to settle, after visiting BabySpa a few times there was such a huge difference in her & within that time her colic was gone & reflux meds were stopped.I have no doubt BabySpa played a huge part in helping her overcome both the colic & reflux! So thank you, thank you for bringing such a great business to Perth!

Kate Ilijash

Our first visit too Baby Spa Perth was the day after our second son Lenny was discharged from the NICU at King Edward. After being born at 24 weeks, I made it my mission as his mother too give him the best alternative therapies outside of the hospital once he was home to allow his body to heal and thrive. 

Baby Spa Perth soon became a weekly ritual for Lenny and I, Lenny grew to love the water and instinctively relax as soon as the therapist would warm the oil between her hands. The benefits were clear after just the first visit, and then even more so after a few weeks. I have no doubt in my mind that Baby Spa Perth has contributed too Lennys amazing development and health. THANKYOU Baby Spa Perth for your gentle and loving care that you gave too both Lenny and myself during our time at Baby Spa Perth. I would highly recommend any mother too take their baby to Baby Spa Perth.

Lauren Catalano