How long is a session?

Approximately 45 minutes. Your baby will be in the water for around 10 to 15 minutes depending on their reaction at the first visit. With continuity, repeat visits and with experience, tolerance and strength will develop and your baby will be able to enjoy sessions in the water for up to 20 minutes. 

Time in the water is followed by baby massage. The duration of your baby’s massage depends on their initial massage tolerance. By listening to your baby’s cues, working gently and with sensitivity in the beginning, we can slowly increase your baby’s sensory threshold.

What are your opening hours?  

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday. Our last booking is at 4:15 pm. 

How can we make a booking? 

Via the booking system via our website. Alternatively you can also book by phone 9382 2490 or email info@babyspaperth.com.au

What is your cancellation policy? 

Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) will not receive a refund or credit. Early cancellations (at least 24 hours prior) will receive a class credit on your Baby Spa account to be used at another time. We do understand that babies wake up on the sniffly side, however late cancellations prevent others on our wait list from joining a class. No-show clients will not be given credit towards pre-paid classes or packages for the missed appointment.

Should we bring our baby before or after a feed? 

Your baby should not be hungry or tired or he/she will not get the best from the session. We have a nursing room where you can feed your baby or offer a ‘top up’ before or in between floatation and massage.

How much earlier should I feed my baby before he/she goes into the water? 

Twenty minutes between a feed and a floatation session is ideal however due to your baby’s age or for practical reasons there is no problem with your baby going into the water straight after a feed; she/he will not be moving around too vigorously at the start.  

When is the best time to attend?

After a long sleep and a feed is ideal. This could either be morning or afternoon for young babies. Babies over four months are generally more open to activities during the morning.

Can we come before sleep time so that our baby will sleep longer afterwards?

Your baby will not receive full benefit from a session if they arrive tired. Allowing a baby to become ‘over tired’ very often exacerbates the situation and your baby will become overly stimulated.  Once this has happened, it is very difficult for them to become settled again. 

After a good sleep is ideal as he/she will be in an optimal state to receive the best benefits from the session. In the same way, babies who have been out and about shopping or at kiddies parties or at noisy restaurants very often will have become over stimulated and may find the positive stimulation of the Baby Spa session too much and will not derive the full benefits. 

Can we come with friends as a group? 

Yes, please see ‘book group session’ for information. For group booking's please call (08) 9382 2490. We recommend that your first visit should be alone with your baby or your family. Please note: all payment to be made in advance for group visits. 

Can we bring visitors to watch? 

Yes, we find our clients love to share this experience with grandparents and close friends and family. We are also mindful about not over stimulating the baby and ask all visitors to respect his/her exploration and relaxation throughout the session.

Can we take photographs? 

Yes, we understand that parents often like the experience to be captured however please keep in mind the session should be regarded as a relaxing bonding time for parents and babies. Babies become irritated when cameras are focused on them continuously. Flashes are prohibited. Please note the Child Protection act does not permit the photography of babies other than your own.

Do we get into the pool with our baby? 

No your baby will be fitted with a flotation device which will keep him/her safe, comfortable and able to move around independently. Babies are not able to do this when being held. However, you will be standing close by to your baby, observing and interacting. 

Is the flotation device safe? 

Yes the flotation device has been vigorously tested and is perfectly comfortable for your baby. Developed and recently launched in Perth, Baby Spa Perth is the only facility in the world that uses our own floating device. 

The flotation device supports baby's in the water giving them the freedom to gently float and enjoy a range of movement that they otherwise would not experience. It fits loosely around the neck and supports the baby's head by the chin and the occipital bones at the base of the skull. 

The flotation device is manufactured using a non-toxic food grade material and is incredibly light (90g) yet is able to support up to 15kg. It's lightness allows baby complete unhindered movement.

Can we buy one to take home or on holiday? 

Sorry, the flotation device is not for sale as we are concerned that they will be misused. The safety and care of babies is paramount to us. Therefore we believe that professional supervision in and around water is essential at all times. 

How much is a session? 

For a general session it is $85. There is a 15% discount when buying a package of 10 sessions and 10% for five sessions. Please contact reception for information about other rates. There is an option to book a private session or group booking. 
Is it safe to attend if my baby has not had all of their inoculations yet? 

Yes it is perfectly safe, as your baby will float in their own pod of purified water. There is no chance of contamination.

What do we need to bring? 

Formula, if your baby is bottled fed. Babies are usually very thirsty after the sessions. Tea and water is provided at the spa. Healthy snacks and juices are also available for purchase. Please download our pdf on ‘preparing for your visit’ for more information.

Do we need to bring swimming nappies? 

We supply swimming nappies.

How often should we attend Baby Spa Perth? 

This is up to you as a parent. Some parents wish to attend every day. Some prefer twice weekly sessions. However, once a week is beneficial for your baby to attend and this is the general practice.

How long should we keep coming? 

Up until he/she is ready for swimming lessons. The age is dependent on a few factors such as the baby’s sensory threshold, experience and personality. If visits have been regular from birth, generally babies will be ready and well prepared for swimming lessons at four and a half to six months. Although parents often prefer to continue with the sessions until their baby is seven months old.

What are the benefits? 

One of the initial benefits you will observe is that your baby will be able to move around freely in warm water, which is impossible to do on land at a very young age due to gravity and constant constraints from bassinets, swaddles, clothing and pushchairs. Secondly, as your baby moves against the resistance of the water, their musculature and skeletal strengthens as the spine unfolds. Hydrostatic pressure of water on your baby’s body will result in the deepening of his/her breathing. This pressure also stimulates their circulatory system.

With the stimulation of the lymphatic system, Meconium may be released, lessening the risk of jaundice in the early days after birth. Your baby will also experience degree liberation as he/she learns to control their movement through water. They will have the added advantage of being in a vertical position to turn and have a 360 degree view. 

The warmth and pressure of the water is similar to the comfort and security of the womb. This may be the reason that the very young babies stop crying when we lower them into the neopods. They once again feel as if they are back in the nurturing environment from which they came. Tactile stimulation as water passes over baby’s skin, together with neonatal massage supports sensory input vital for your baby’s whole brain/body development. 

How does Baby Spa Perth support my bond with my baby? 

Throughout your entire session Baby Spa Perth provides an environment for parent-baby bonding, encouraging touch, voice, hearing, smell and eye contact. Creating a safe and nurturing space for mothers to bond with their baby is a significant part of the make-up of Baby Spa Perth. The bonding between parent and baby is essential to the healthy development of your child. Read more about parent-child bonding at the Baby Spa here.

What else do you do at the spa to for our baby’s development? 

Beside the benefits of water experience and massage, we have created an atmosphere conducive for peaceful stimulation of all the senses with a high quality sound system and specially selected music and lighting for babies. Appropriate toys for this stage of development have also been chosen and are displayed.

During the massage, we integrate stretching and exercise to strengthen and tone muscles. Parents are encouraged to continue this practice at home.  At Baby Spa we aim to achieve integration of the reflexes by gently stimulating all of the senses. To achieve this we include activities such as: massage, aquatic familiarisation leading to swimming, rhythm and music. We provide an oasis for your baby to benefit physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.

We have a baby who tends to be fussy almost all of the time. When would be the ideal time to bring him/her? 

The first session of the day would be the most valuable and advantageous for him/her. They may have a narrow sensory threshold of tolerance, which is quite common. By delivering positive stimulation at the appropriate times, you can help your baby to increase tolerance to a more manageable level.