Book an Appointment

Bookings should be made in advance by phone, email, online or at the time of a previous visit.  One visit is of benefit but the more you attend, the more your baby will be able to derive benefits as he/she builds on what has been learnt before, as memory develops with the ability to predict. Routine and continuity are always beneficial. We aim to increase a baby’s sensory threshold slowly by increasing time spent in the water and on massage during regular attendance.

Book in package of 5 sessions to receive 10 percent, or 10 sessions to receive 15 percent off your total bill.

We allow up to 45 minutes for each session which includes hydrotherapy and massage. Private sessions and group booking available.

Please note, we are available for exclusive hire.


  • 1 session     $85
  • 3 sessions   $240 [save 5%]
  • 5 sessions   $380 [save 10%]
  • 10 sessions $720 [save 15%] 

All prices include GST.