We have created a nurturing environment where you and your baby can play and learn. Every area is designed with hygiene and safety in mind:

  • We use a flotation device for ensuring maximum comfort and support
  • Your baby is weighed at every visit for your records
  • Swim nappies and swimsuits are provided to prevent spills
  • After swimming, your baby will be wrapped in a soft towel. All our towels are laundered in special washing machines with sensitive laundry detergent
  • Your baby will enjoy a massage using organic cold pressed grape seed oil to keep their skin soft and moisturised. The massage includes gentle exercises to build flexibility and strength
  • The music is chosen to calm and soothe you and your baby
  • A comfortable nursing room is available for you to chat, relax and feed your baby
  • Babies under 8 weeks swim in individual neonate pods of purified micron filtered water until they receive their first set of immunisations. The larger spa pool is UV sterilised, which destroys all bacteria, viruses, fungi and is safe and kind on the skin, especially for babies with eczema.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell the flotation device as we recommend that babies should be professionally supervised when participating in developmental water activities.