Baby Spa Perth chats to Francesca, Infant Sleep Specialist on her top tips around creating healthy sleep habits for your baby

11 Oct 2017

Baby Spa Perth chats today to Francesca, Baby and Infant Sleep Specialist and former Senior Baby Spa Perth Therapist on her top tips around creating healthy sleep habits for your baby, her qualifications and insights on her Paediatric/Neonatal Nursing career, and what attracted her to working at Baby Spa Perth.   

The Sleep Escape was founded by Francesca after completing her Baby and Infant Sleep Consultancy certification through Baby Sleep consultancy training Ltd. Francesca is a qualified Paediatric/Neonatal registered nurse and spent three years working in the area of Neonates. Having undertaken additional study in this specialty area, it is her in-depth education, first-hand experience and personable nature that means Francesca’s holistic expertise is a welcome relief for many overwhelmed parents and unsettled babies. Francesca’s well-rounded understanding of the behavioral science behind sleep and a gentle yet effective approach means parents come away with a sense of calm and confidence. She is trained in numerous child sleep training methods including Sears Attachment, Ferber, No-Cry, Ferber, Extinction and Happiest Baby. Francesca is able to assist, explain and demonstrate her expertise in a manner that caters to individual parenting styles, ensuring sleep and a method that (well rested) parents can feel good about. 

We met Francesca and she quickly became part of our Baby Spa Perth team working as a therapist. Alongside the other benefits that infants gain from a Baby Spa session; it was the “improvement of their sleep” that interested her the most. She explains that if a baby is overtired, they often fight sleep more, however the relaxation element of both hydrotherapy and massage allows them to become calm and parents noted a huge improvement in their ability to fall asleep after visiting Baby Spa. 

Francesca’s top tips around creating healthy sleep habits for your baby;

  • Good routine- Babies crave a sense of routine, and it allows them to acknowledge when its time for sleep. Bath, feed, story, bed and repeat every night going forward. 
  • White noise- Its helps settle into a new sleep cycle, block out unwanted noise, and it’s an ongoing positive sleep association which can be used for your babies sleep indefinitely. 
  • Total darkness- Switches on melatonin (sleep hormone), turns of Serotonin (awake hormone), blocks out the light in the morning to stop early waking and also creates a ongoing positive sleep association 
  • Day and night- helping your newborn determine day and night early on through simple techniques will helpwith developing a routine as early as possible
  • Respecting their naps- Once 4 months old, their naps being very apparent, so being home for most of them sets them up for a great night sleep. 
  • Solids- They can effect babies sleep due to the change in their digestive system, so introducing the different food groups at certain points and certain times throughout their day will lower the risk of it effecting their sleep. 

All Baby Spa Perth clients receive 15% off a sleep consult at The Sleep Escape with Francesca. For more info contact or