It’s not just for babies… The parental benefits of a trip to Baby Spa Perth.

25 Oct 2016

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – there are a huge range of benefits that your baby can enjoy from visits to Baby Spa Perth including the strengthening of muscles and bone structure, improvement of sleep quality, and benefits to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. But did you know there are many benefits to be gained by parents as well?

Read on to find out some of the ways you could benefit from a trip to Baby Spa Perth as much as your little bundle will!

Increase in parent-baby bonding

Bonding between parent and child is essential for your baby’s development, but also increases your own confidence as a parent. The hydrotherapy and baby massage treatments at Baby Spa Perth allow parents to better understand their baby’s cues, building more certainty in new parents. During your session at Baby Spa Perth you will be encouraged to interact with your child with touch, voice, hearing, smell and eye contact, all in a safe and nurturing space led by our specially trained therapists. Studies have also shown baby massage helps to support mothers experiencing post-natal depression.

Create a routine

Fantastic for restless babies, regular appointments at Baby Spa Perth can help to establish a sense of routine for your child, in particular with regards to sleep patterns. Being able to settle your child more readily will not only reduce potential stress in your day but also helps you to better plan and organise your day to day tasks around baby’s schedule.

Take a break

As much as we love our children and take joy in the many ways they light up our days, there is no denying that sometimes we just need a break. The serene sanctuary created at Baby Spa Perth allows you to sit back and let our expert therapists take charge of your child’s care for an hour. Enjoy being able to watch as your child discovers new sensations – there’s nothing to compare it with!

A chance for family members to engage with your baby

Aunts, uncles and grandparents love the opportunity to coo and cuddle your baby but this can sometimes lead to stress for both you and your child as baby is passed around from person to person. We encourage families to take part in the joy of watching your little one during their session, giving them a chance to be present and involved with your child while also fostering a relaxed, stress free environment for everyone.

Photos for the future

Those 18th and 21st birthday photo walls are going to look great with some adorable photos taken at Baby Spa Perth…