Essential Oils versus Cold Pressed Organic - What to use when massaging your baby?

3 Mar 2017

We are regularly asked the question “What is the best oil to use when massaging my baby?”. The use of oils is still a complex subject and is still being researched. At Baby Spa Perth we use a cold pressed, high quality grape-seed oil that is unscented and made organically. Cold pressed oil is the result of pressing vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts or herbs mechanically without the use of heat. 

Some reasons we choose a cold pressed, natural and organic oil over essential and/or synthetic oils to massage our babes are:

  • No fragrance - when babies are born, they are exposed to the natural smell of their mother and vice-versa, intensifying the nurturing bond between mother and baby. Fragrant oils can create a barrier to this and are often over stimulating for the baby 
  • Cold pressed oils typically contain beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E, A , B1, B2 and calcium and are recognised as digestible by the skin and body  
  • Are edible and allow the skin to breathe 
  • Synthetic and mineral oils are not metabolised by the human body and are not always absorbed, leaving a layer on the skin’s surface - not cool for dressing the baby afterwards! 
  • Grape seed oil is absorbed very quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy feel. Most importantly it can have a natural healing and non allergenic property which can help eczema and other skin conditions. 

If your baby is in hospital or care, it is always best to check the hospital policy about the use of oil on babies. The International Association of Infant Massage says there are “no contraindications about the use of of oil for babies with eczema, except if the area has an open wound or is infected, in which case should be avoided.” A healthcare professional should always be consulted if you have any concerns. 

For storage and continued use, we recommend keeping cold pressed oil in a cool, dark place to help preserve it. Different types of oils can be sampled to find the most suitable for your baby. The natural grape seed oil we use is sourced locally and is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants and can be purchased at Baby Spa Perth. We have an offer on at the moment when you purchase any of our hydrotherapy packages 3,5 or 10 you receive a FREE 100 ml bottle of our COLD PRESSED grape seed massage oil valued at $19.95 till the end of March!

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