Product in focus: Hevea Planet

6 Aug 2016

The hydrotherapy sessions offered at Baby Spa Perth work not only to increase your infant’s confidence in the water, and aid & strengthen their development, but also look to stimulate their minds and senses. To this end we have a variety of toys such as bright rubber ducks that can happily float in the water with your child during their treatment.

When it came to choosing a suitable brand of bathing toys to accompany our hydrotherapy sessions, the choice was an easy one to make. Danish company Hevea is proud to create products made from 100% natural rubber, which is both biodegradable and a sustainable resource.

Wonderfully designed, great quality and non-toxic, their products range from bathing toys, such as our popular and colourful ducks, to pacifiers and bottle teats. In a unique feature, the Hevea rubber ducks are designed with no hole at the bottom, preventing the possibility of mould growing inside. Baby Spa Perth also has Hevea non-slip bath mats available for purchase, which can be used for children right up to school age.

Parents can rest assured that their children will be safe from nasty chemicals and that all Hevea products undergo stringent quality testing to meet worldwide standards before they are shipped to a wide variety of destinations around the globe. Proving the high level of care that goes into their products, every single Hevea pacifier is tested to ensure it can withstand the stresses it will encounter through usage!

Our range of Hevea products make for beautiful and thoughtful gift ideas for upcoming baby showers, birthday presents or just a little something for your little one. Our online store will be launching soon, stay tuned for more details! In the mean time, ask us for more information about Hevea at your next appointment, drop in to browse our selection or email us on with any further queries.