Product in Focus: ‘Little Nest’ by O-bjekt Design

28 Sep 2016

Is it an egg? Is it a cocoon? Actually it’s a cradle. Visitors to our Subiaco premises have been introduced to the beautiful cradle many of our tiny clients rest in after their hydrotherapy sessions. 

Discovered and bought for Baby Spa Perth by co-director Kavita while living in Europe, the ‘Little Nest’ cradle is as soft and comforting as a mother’s hug, and has become a popular feature as parents watch their little ones drift gently to sleep after their appointments.

Made from 100% natural materials, the ‘Little Nest’ cradle by Hungarian-based studio, O-bjekt Design, is handcrafted and moulded with traditional techniques from a double layer of Merino wool felt. ‘Little Nest’ is designed to hug your baby as a protective shell that reacts gently to every move they make. 

Utilising a single point leather strap suspension, the cradle creates a natural calming effect on its precious bundle, lightly swaying to imitate sleeping in the womb, perfect for restless sleepers and sweet dreams. 

The development of ‘Little Nest’ was inspired by Oszkár Vági, director of O-bjekt Design, and his own personal experience watching his child’s unsettled sleep. With this motivation in mind, he sought to create a product that would encourage a peaceful and comforting slumber. 

Baby Spa Perth is proud to be the Australia-wide agent for O-bjekt Design. 

For more information on ‘Little Nest’ or to enquire for purchase, contact us on (08) 9382 2490, email or visit us in our beautiful Subiaco premises at 68 Coghlan Road.